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In a story line that's becoming all too familiar for HD DVD supporters, news circulated on the web late last week showing that the Blu-ray release of the first two <I>Pirates of the Caribbean</I> movies are handily outselling the HD DVD box set releases of <I>The Matrix</I> by better than three to one. Home Media Magazine was the source of these estimates, pegging the combined sales for the <I>Pirates</I> flicks at over 47,000 total units with the sales of the two <I>Matrix</I> trilogy sets at just under 14,000 total units.

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After months of legal wrangling and no-shows at trade shows, Toshiba and Canon ended the suspense late last week and announced that the introduction of the SED (Surface-conducting electron-Emitter Display) flat panel TV is postponed indefinitely.

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Warner slipped a tantalyzing insert into the <I>The Ultimate Matrix Collection</I> box set released earlier this week, a two-sided affair offically announcing that <I>Blade Runner</I> will hit HD DVD this October on one side and touting a "Kubrick Collection" as coming soon to both HD DVD and Blu-ray on the other.

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By chance last night I downloaded firmware version 1.8 for the Sony PlayStation3 and took some time to see if any new significant video features were added (a gamer I'm not). Lo and behold, two very significant updates were indeed found in the menus: the PS3 can now upconvert DVDs, and it offers 24p output.

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Mitsubishi announced its 2007 lineup of DLP rear projection and LCD flat panel TVs before the gathered press Monday in New York. The message was clear- Mits is hanging its TV hat on premium LCD and large screen DLP rear projectors.

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This past week it was announced that Warner Home Video has extended its distribution agreement with Oscar-winning producer Saul Zaentz for another five years. Two of the crown jewels in the Zaentz portfolio, <I>Amadeus</I> and <I>One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest</I>, both best picture winners, will be hitting Blu-ray and HD DVD in February of 2008, just in time for the 80th anniversary of the Academy Awards.

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The PR machines for both competing HD formats are relentless. And I have to admit that the impetus for this story was the Blu-ray Disc Association's recent announcement that Blu-ray beat its rival by getting to one million discs sold to consumers first. But what's more fascinating to me is that the HD DVD isn't far behind, in spite of the fact that consumers are allegedly staying away from both formats in droves because of the format war.

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A "statement" component is usually a top of the line, no holds barred, expensive flagship. Onkyo has just unveiled a different kind of statement product. While it didn't surprise me at all that Onkyo would release an AVR equipped with HDMI 1.3 and onboard decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, I am taken aback that the first AVR to boast these new features is the $599 TX-SR605. <I>That's</I> a statement!

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HD DVD seized command of HD sales news this week, beating Blu-ray to a significant milestone by topping 100,000 standalone players sold in the US, and also setting an Amazon HD sales record.

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Late last week stories began to circulate that Samsung will introduce a dual format Blu-ray/HD DVD later this year. The BD-UP5000, dubbed the "Duo HD," will be in stores in time for the holidays and it's been reported that the player will support the full suite of interactivity functionality used on both formats.