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Late last week Amazon inadvertently posted and started taking pre-orders on 3rd-gen HD DVD players from Toshiba. The posts were quickly pulled, but obviously the cat was out of the bag. This week Toshiba went ahead and offically announced the trio of third generation players, which will go on sale in September and October.

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Yet another high profile series is hitting HD on a disc this October 30th- the entire blockbuster <I>Spider-Man></I> trilogy is hitting Blu-ray, day and date with the DVD release of <I>Spider-Man 3</I>. According to the press release, while <I>Spider-Man 3</I> will be available as a separate two-disc Blu-ray Special Edition, the first two films in the trilogy will only be available in the <I>Spider-Man High Definition Trilogy</I>, which will carry an MSRP of $99.

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It's already been a hectic week for new product announcements, with Samsung and Denon unveiling a lot of new gear. But Sony was at this week too announcing three new AVRs with next-gen audio decoding and a host of other hot features related to streaming audio and networking.

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Samsung this week made official its plans to introduce two new, 3rd generation Blu-ray Disc players as well is its highly anticipated <I>Duo HD</I> combi player, which will play both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs.

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CinemaNow on Wednesday released an upgrade to its Media Manager software enabling its movie downloads to play back over a networked Xbox 360 and its burn-to-DVD download service to operate with Windows Vista.

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Last week's rumor is this week's confirmed news: the 60GB PS3, which recently saw a $100 price drop, is being phased out for the 80GB model at $599. Although the door is certainly open to a later price drop on the 80GB model, the $499 price of the 60GB PS3 officially remains only until that model sells out. But don't worry- that won't be for a while.

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At the E3 gaming expo Microsoft announced a key strategic acquisition of content, landing a deal that brings Disney's feature films online for download through the Xbox Live service over the Xbox 360 game console. Included in the deal will be new and catalog movies from Disney, Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax Films.

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Sony opened up the E3 expo early and with a bang- it announced that the rumors are true and that the current 60GB PlayStation3 will drop $100 in price and will now sell for $499. In addition, Sony will introduce an 80GB PlayStation3 that will occupy the $599 price slot.

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Expanding its already formidable lead in next-gen interactivity, Toshiba within the last month or so has released firmware updates for its HD DVD players that enable web-based interactivity features that are now starting to appear on HD DVDs. The first two titles on the market with web-enabled features are Warner's <I>Blood Diamond</I> and Bandai Visual's <I>Freedom</I> volume 1. Warner's intimate character drama <I>300</I>, set for release later this month, will also feature web-based interactivity.

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Looking to continue the sales tear that was sparked by recent promotions that included a $100 in-store rebate on its HD DVD players, Toshiba has made its price reductions on its HD-A2 and HD-A20 permanent. On the other side of the HD fence the Blu-ray camp is responding with a summer-long promo campaign that offers consumers five free Blu-ray titles with the purchase of a player.