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Left for dead at the side of the road, RadioShack is still twitching. Following its latest bankruptcy filing, it has emerged with a reorganization plan that would mix an online presence with 400 independently owned dealerships and 27 company-owned stores in Colorado, Texas, and New York. Eight new RadioShacks have recently opened, and another 18 are being considered. However, RadioShack probably will not return to the days when it lived in a $200 million HQ in Fort Worth, overseeing an empire of 7,000 stores nationwide.
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Demand Series D11 Speaker System
Build Quality

SuperCube 6000 Subwoofer
Build Quality
PRICE 3,196

Appealing neutral voicing
Laterally offset tweeter
Active 8-inch sub integrated in center speaker
D11 top radiators complicate placement of Atmos add-ons

The Demand Series lives up to Definitive Technology’s pedigree with satisfying, well-balanced sound that offers loads of resolution.

Nature abhors a vacuum, but wasting cabinet real estate is standard operating procedure among loudspeaker designers. With the notable exception of Atmos-enabled speakers and the occasional tweeter pod, the top panel of most speakers is a blank nothing. But does it have to be that way? Definitive Technology answered no, in effect, with its original Studio Monitor Series of bookshelf/stand-mount speakers (circa 2012) and does so again in this new update, the Demand Series.

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GoldenEar isn't ready to introduce the DigitalAktiv speaker just yet but Sandy Gross let us have a sneak peek at it.

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British designer Andrew Jones continues to turn out great new speaker lines for ELAC, the German manufacturer.

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Two new speakers from Revel borrow from the higher-end Performa line.

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Three monumental history-laden floorstanding speakers were shown, and impressively demoed, at the Klipsch suite in the Venetian.

Mark Fleischmann  |  Jan 10, 2018  |  3 comments
A new top-of-the-line Denon receiver sat almost unnoticed at Sound United's convention center booth.

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It's not every day we see a new surround receiver from Emotiva, better known for its separates, though we got to see some new pre-pros and multichannel power amps as well.

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ATI's new ATP16 surround preamp-processor is among the growing number with Dirac room correction.

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Yesterday's story about the press conference introducing the Polk Command Bar didn't really show it at its best.