ELAC Argo Speaks Loud and Clear

British designer Andrew Jones continues to turn out great new speaker lines for ELAC, the German manufacturer.

The latest is the Argo Series, which includes a tower and a monitor, both three-way designs with the tweeter mounted coaxially in the center of the midrange driver. This gives imaging a point-source clarity which was definitely on display when the monitor was demoed.

The F51 tower has three 5.25-inch woofers plus a four-inch midrange and one-inch tweeter, all aluminum. The B51 monitor has one woofer and tweeter. These are powered speakers, with each part of the driver array getting its own source of analog Class AB juice. That's 150 watts for the woofer(s) 70 for the midrange, and 30 for the tweeter, or 250 watts total.

The monitor will sell for $2000/pair in veneer or gloss white/black.