Emotiva Shows New AVR and Separates

It's not every day we see a new surround receiver from Emotiva, better known for its separates, though we got to see some new pre-pros and multichannel power amps as well.

The receiver is the XMR-1. This 11.2-channel machine is rated at 250 watts per channel via the Pascal custom amp board. The three front channels include balanced operation. Shipping this summer for $4000.

The XMC-1 "new generation" is the third iteration of Emotiva's big pre-pro. The 13-channel unit is all balanced and fully discrete. It features dual displays, one on each side, and you can move things around between them. HDMI 2.0b connectivity supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Room correction is Dirac Live. The design is modular and upgradable for future contingencies. Price $5000.

Want amp with that? Emotiva showed both the XPR-D2 and the XPR-11 multichannel amps, each of which can accept varying configurations of amp modules including the 300-watt mono DR-1 ($1199), the 600-watt balanced mono DR-2 ($1599), and the 150-watt stereo DR-3 ($1999).