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The First 8K channel will be launched by NHK, the Japanese broadcast authority, later this year. How much programming will support it remains to be seen...

Samsung may return to OLED manufacturing, say anonymous sources quoted by a Korean-language news site. But this time it would combine the brightness of Samsung’s quantum dot with the black levels of OLED...

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The State of Washington has become the first state to pass its own full-fledged net neutrality law, grabbing the regulatory reins from the FCC, which had axed its own net neutrality rules a few months ago.
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With the death of Mark E. Smith, The Fall are no more. Britain's longest-running postpunk band burned through 66 members and recorded 31 studio albums over a four-decade span. The defining element was always Smith, who poured torrents of vituperation, fragments of wit, wry observations, and occasional startling insights into a microphone, mesmerizing multiple generations of Fall obsessives.

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PRICE $999

Normal or high-gain output
Full and microSD card slots
Native 384/32 PCM and DSD support
Not as pretty as some other A&K players
USB charger not included

Astell & Kern’s KANN is not only a subtly gorgeous-sounding performer loaded with features. It’s also a great value.

Astell & Kern’s KANN (along with the recently announced AK70 MK II) makes its debut at a time when the dedicated music player is looking more and more like the passenger pigeon. Apple has just killed the innovative, shape-shifting iPod nano and the puny iPod shuffle, leaving only the now unprecedentedly cheap iPod touch, basically an iPhone without the phone, at $199. With Apple uncharacteristically catering to the middle of the market (let’s not even contemplate the $20 nano knockoffs on Amazon), that leaves the high-resolution musicplayer carriage trade to companies like Astell & Kern, FiiO, and HiFiMan, as well as newly hi-res-conscious big brands like Sony, Onkyo, and Pioneer.

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TiVo wants the world to know that it’s more than just a pioneering DVR platform.
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Like any good competitor, LG is always looking for ways to set itself apart in the always cutthroat, hyper competitive TV market.
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Smart speakers, I harrumphed. That's something I'll never want, I said hubristically. A speaker's job is to sound good, isn't it? I watched in dismay as smart speakers became the fastest-growing speaker category, leaving righteous makers of good-sounding speakers in the dust. Then my roommate gave me a refurbished Amazon Echo Dot for my birthday and everything changed.

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News briefs from the world of home and mobile entertainment.
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CEDIA Expo, the annual trade show of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, has been steadily shrinking, and its management has been turned over to an outside company. So it’s curious to see InfoComm, the trade show devoted to pro AV, moving into consumer territory.

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Analysts can’t seem to make up their minds about cord cutting. We’ve covered loads of studies asserting that viewers are shifting from traditional pay-TV to other viewing options. But some analysts demur, and occasionally we’ve cited them too.