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Kim Wilson  |  Sep 22, 2010  |  1 comments

The CEDIA Expo is going on right now in Atlanta, GA. This show, while considerably smaller than the gargantuan CES in Las Vegas, is the most important trade show of the year for the custom residential market. Most of the companies that come to this show reveal their latest products here, rather than wait until January for CES.

Kim Wilson  |  Jan 03, 2011  |  0 comments

It's just about time for CES, the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. While mobile devices are expected to dominate, as manufacturer's vie for recognition in the tablet and smartphone categories, there will still be an abundance of announcements from top AV companies with newer, thinner, HDTVs offering 3D capability, Internet-connected Blu-ray players providing a range of options and services, and AV receivers that connect to your home network. With an increased number of components offering Internet connectivity, wired and wirelessly, the living room space is changing dramatically. So catch all the news and the latest product announcements from the show floor with daily updates from our correspondents at sister publications <a href="">
Home Theater</a> and <a href="">UltimateAV</a>.

Kim Wilson  |  Apr 17, 2014  |  0 comments
This theater’s classy and tasteful design was an idea that had been rolling around in Joel Chasen’s mind for over 20 years. “I had always done all of my equipment purchasing, setup, configuration, programming, and tweaking on my own,” said Chasen. “For my ultimate theater, I wanted to go beyond the scope of what I could accomplish by myself and sought out professional help. However, it was important to find people willing to collaborate.”
Kim Wilson  |  Mar 12, 2014  |  1 comments
Photos Simon Berlyb

When he set out to build his own home theater, it was this homeowner’s goal to achieve LEED Platinum certification (green home). Due to the sheer size of the residence—14,000 square feet—it was exceptionally difficult to achieve this status.

Kim Wilson  |  Nov 18, 2011  |  6 comments
Photos William Psolka

When this Long Island homeowner was planning his home theater, his main criteria was that he wanted big sound and a big picture to make him shake in his seat. So Electronics Design Group (EDG) began its theater design with just these broad strokes. Fortunately, the homeowner was game for whatever it took to achieve his home theater dream.

Kim Wilson  |  Sep 19, 2008  |  0 comments

Imagine taking a complete rack system and condensing it into a single chassis. Maybe it sounds like science fiction or just a system's integrator's pipedream. Michael Pyle, the president of SE2 Labs, was a systems integrator and knows all the ups and downs of the trade. What once was a pipedream is now a reality in the form of the ITC One.

Kim Wilson  |  Feb 03, 2009  |  8 comments

Reinforcing the brand’s commitment to provide the utmost elegance and functionality to dcor-conscious home theater furniture, OmniMount launched its new Karim Collection line of lifestyle furniture with the Prism 50. The new collection is in partnership with industrial and interior designer Karim Rashid.

Kim Wilson  |  Aug 15, 2011  |  4 comments

Build Quality
Price: $699 (updated 1/28/15
At A Glance: Exceptional sonic performance for the price • Coherent soundfield • Good fit for small rooms • Extreme volume can cause distortion • Lacks depth and punch of larger systems

The ProCinema 600 5.1 speaker system is small, compact, and unobtrusive, capable of blending into any environment. This sub-$1k system effortlessly provides a highly coherent surround field in a small room without degrading the sound quality, even at relatively high volumes. Using patented technology, the system delivers surprisingly good bass and midrange for a sat/sub system. Yes, it lacks the sheer depth, high impact, and fine details of more expensive systems with larger drivers and enclosures. But for basic home theaters in multi-purpose spaces, it not only gets the job done, it performs quite admirably for its size and cost.

Kim Wilson  |  Nov 23, 2011  |  7 comments

Price: $349 At A Glance: 3D compatibility • Audyssey MultEQ auto calibration • On-screen display via HDMI • iPod/iPhone/iPad connectivity • no component video I/O

Of all the sub-$400 AVRs I've reviewed, the Denon AVR-1612 is my favorite so far. It offers just the right balance of features for my needs, and its audio performance is robust and powerful. It offers the bare minimum of operational and setup features I believe are necessary to assure a satisfying user experience. Moreover, it's audio performance is quite good considering the price.

Kim Wilson  |  Mar 17, 2008  |  0 comments
Never has the field been so full of top-quality A/V Receivers and the competition is fierce among the top manufacturers for these types of components. It used to be that low-end models kept costs down by eliminating features and seriously compromising sound quality. However, consumers have come to expect the most bang for the buck, at any price, significantly raising the bar on less expensive models such as the $749 Denon AVR-888.