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Scott Wilkinson  |  Nov 18, 2010  |  3 comments
I've known about the well-regarded audio and power products from American maker PS Audio for years. Submitted for your consideration here are the PerfectWave Transport and DAC, which combine to form a formidable disc-playback system.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Nov 17, 2010  |  2 comments
After five years of developing high-end music servers, San Francisco-based Olive today unveils its flagship O6HD, designed from the ground up as a true audiophile digital-audio server. According to Dr. Oliver Bergmann, co-founder and CEO of Olive, nothing has been spared in bringing it to fruition.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Nov 15, 2010  |  1 comments
British high-end stalwart Musical Fidelity has just released its latest 2-channel power amp, the AMS100. Like the other amps in the AMS series, this one operates purely in class-A mode, which means the entire waveform is amplified by a single set of devices (transistors in this case) rather than having one set amplify the positive swings in the waveform and another set amplify the negative swings as in class-B and class-AB designs.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Nov 11, 2010  |  0 comments
As I was cruising the aisles at last week's Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention, I happened upon this huge toroidal power transformer from Plitron, which makes power products for professional and consumer A/V systems under the Torus Power brand name. (Thanks to former Stereophile writer Barry Willis, who generously offered his shoe to provide a sense of scale in this photo.)
Scott Wilkinson  |  Nov 09, 2010  |  0 comments
Another interesting professional/consumer crossover product introduced at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention last week was a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) from Antelope Audio. The Zodiac Gold can handle digital audio at resolutions up to 24 bits and sample rates up to 384kHz, a far higher rate than any commercially available content currently uses.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Nov 08, 2010  |  4 comments
The Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention isn't concerned with consumer products, but there's always a bit of crossover with the pro-audio items on display. For example, at last week's annual conclave in San Francisco, I found a new top-of-the-line headphone from Germany's Ultrasone. The Edition 10 is the company's first model in the Edition lineup to feature an open-back design, which took the company two years to develop. Also new to the Edition 10 is an oxygen-free copper (OFC), silver-plated, Kevlar-reinforced cable that can be easily configured for balanced or unbalanced connectors.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Nov 04, 2010  |  0 comments
Usually, I have to go looking for interesting products to feature here in Ultimate Gear, but this one came to me in an e-mail from its Greek maker, TuneAudio. The company's flagship Anima speaker features three horn-loaded drivers, including a 15-inch, downfiring woofer in a base that stands over five feet tall.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Nov 02, 2010  |  1 comments
When I came across the website of Hungarian speaker maker Art & Voice, I could only gape slack-jawed at the incredible variety and artistry of its offerings. As the story goes, when the company's founder brought home some new speakers, his girlfriend immediately rejected them because they looked like two large coffins in the middle of their living room. This disappointing outcome inspired him to build speakers as works of visual as well as aural art.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Nov 01, 2010  |  0 comments
Another company showing its wares at this year's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was French Neodio, which demonstrated its NR22 CD player and NR600 integrated amp. Both are distributed in the US by TMH Audio and offer some impressive specs—and prices.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Oct 28, 2010  |  1 comments
This year's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest saw the introduction of many new products, including the Amadis speaker from Verity Audio. The 3-way Amadis is third in Verity's speaker lineup and continues the design philosophy of placing a rear-firing woofer in a completely separate, ported enclosure.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Oct 26, 2010  |  0 comments
Also on hand last week at Stewart Filmscreen was Panamorph with a new flagship anamorphic lens. The DC1 features fully sealed optics as well as a new optical coating and light path, all for $10,000 including a motorized sled. It's in the prototype stage, so we didn't get to see it in action.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Oct 22, 2010  |  0 comments
Known primarily for high-end equipment racks, Italian Arcici also makes some beautiful turntables. Shown here is the Alba with Lyla tonearm, the least expensive model that retails for 14,000 euro (about $19,500 as of this writing), and like the other Arcici turntables, all setup instruments and gauges are included.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Oct 21, 2010  |  10 comments
MSB Technology made a splash at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest last weekend with several new digital-audio products that can handle resolutions up to 32 bits and sampling rates as high as 384kHz. Also on hand was the company's newest monoblock power amp.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Oct 19, 2010  |  4 comments
And now for something completely different—a turntable shaped like a piano with a tonearm made from a violin bow. Italian maker Horo calls the WJE168—named in honor of jazz legend William J. (Bill) Evans—a "tunable turntable."
Scott Wilkinson  |  Oct 18, 2010  |  0 comments
Among the many high-end audio products demonstrated at last weekend's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest were several amplifiers from Alef (formerly Delta Sigma) and distributed in the US by TMH Audio. Submitted for your consideration here are the Duet SE 2-channel power amp, Solist monoblock, and Orchestra integrated amp.