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Rob O'Connor  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  0 comments
Embryonic (Warner Bros.)
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Wayne Coyne envisioned Embryonic as an old-fashioned double album whose 70 minutes would meande

Steve Simels  |  Mar 03, 2008  |  0 comments
Hernando Songs of the South
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Studio Album No.

Parke Puterbaugh  |  Sep 06, 2006  |  0 comments
Chemical City Secret Brain/Universal Canada
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The cover art recalls prime Styx, but this neopsychedelic won
Rob O'Connor  |  Jun 09, 2011  |  0 comments

Battles turned quite a few heads with 2007’s Mirrored. Like Tortoise, the band took experimental prog rock and made it cool for the lo-fi/postpunk set.

Mike Mettler  |  Aug 05, 2007  |  0 comments

 |  Jun 09, 2011  |  0 comments

My current favorite all-format album is the Raveonettes' Raven in the Grave (Vice), which sounds smoky-fab whether I'm listening to it via CD, MP3, or LP. I asked Raveonettes co-founder Sune Rose Wagner, 38, how the band (Wagner and co-conspirator Sharin Foo) corrals the backbeat for its 21st-century-cool Wall of Sound. Read on for his answers (and for a listen to "Forget That You're Young," a track from the new album.)

Ken Richardson  |  Jul 15, 2008  |  0 comments
Porcupine Tree: Lightbulb Sun


Rob O'Connor  |  Dec 14, 2005  |  0 comments
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A trip through rock's storied past, perhaps?
Ken Richardson  |  Dec 03, 2006  |  0 comments

THE BEATLES: Love (Apple/Capitol). Mashups from the Cirque du Soleil show. Unavailable at press time, but billed as "first Beatles album in 5.1": CD+DVD-Audio!

JOHN: The U.S. vs. John Lennon (Capitol; 4-½ stars). Edgy songs from the doc. Also out: Give Peace a Song (Hip-O DVD), Sean Lennon's Friendly Fire (Capitol CD).

Steve Simels  |  Oct 01, 2007  |  0 comments
Washington Square Serenade New West
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As the title suggests, former Nashville rebel Steve Earle has relo

Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Nov 08, 2011  |  0 comments

The genius of Pink Floyd's music is intertwined with the genius of the recording of the music. And the innovative studio techniques used by the band and its producers and recording engineers are integral to the music. It's impossible to imagine The Dark Side of the Moon without vital creative touches such as the sound of clanging money or thumping heartbeats. Perhaps no other band has pushed the technical envelope so aggressively, or profited from it so enormously. The catalog of their works is one of innovation - both musically and sonically.

Parke Puterbaugh  |  Feb 25, 2009  |  0 comments
Do the Math/Heads Up/Concord
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The Bad Plus have made their first album that's, well, not so good.
Jeff Perlah  |  Feb 03, 2006  |  0 comments
Hypnotize American/Columbia
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Mike Mettler  |  Apr 19, 2009  |  0 comments
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Where there's smoke, there's fire.