Mitsubishi WD-52631 RPTV: Coming Attraction

  • $2,799
  • 52" single-chip DLP (wobulator)
  • 1920x1080
  • Key Connections: Dual HDMI and component inputs, IEEE 1394
Features We Like 6-Primary color system adds complementary color segments to color wheel, Plush 1080p processes 720p and 1080i HD signals at full resolution

The number of players in the big screen market has grown considerably, and stalwart Mitsubishi is throwing a bundle of performance enhancing features at its DLP sets to distinguish them in the market. A new color wheel system is here for improved color accuracy, and the video processing is geared toward squeezing all the resolution there is out of every one of your sources, standard def and high-def alike. And all of this is here at a very fair price for a 52" rig.