Oops, my bad.

Sorry, I made a mistake in the February issue Face Off. In the opening and closing charts, I refer to the Toshiba as the 62MX195. We reviewed the 62HM195, which is what it says everywhere else in the text. Two letters in fifteen pages. I’m a failure, I know.

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you can thank me for finding that later. Don't worry. I'll still stay loyal.

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I'm sure you get this a lot from friends and others that you meet, but I've been considering a home theatre system and can't seem to decide past all the reviews on magazines and the internet and dealer pitches.I have a dedicated HT room that is 16 x 20 and a budget of $20K give or take.I was thinking the Denon 3800 or 4800 series, Pioneer Elite 61" Plasma, and B&W 600 series speakers and sub. I really need your help, please email me at alanekwan@hotmail.com

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You don't need my help. That sounds like a great system.

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Wow, looks like someone really wants his question answered. For the most part the difference can be chalked up to the 50-inch being smaller. A smaller TV with the same light engine will be brighter and have a higher black level. Taking that into account, there just a difference of 0.006, which is on the far end of what I would expect for a difference between models and bulbs. As for Samsung

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is the article going to be available online? i've got the magazine, but wouldn't mind being able to save a copy on my computer for easy reference.

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Yeah, I'm looking for the February Face Off, too, either online or via a back issue (regardless of typos!). Any suggestions? I'm doing research for a RPTV and that feature would be of great help.

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I refer to the Toshiba as the 62MX195.

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