Your Grass is Past with Robomow’s Bluetooth-Enabled Robot Mower

I’m a huge fan of household robots; but one of the biggest negatives about the current generation of domestic robots is the expense—if you want something that is more than just a curiosity, that is. Robot vacuum cleaners from Roomba, the pioneer of the robot vac industry, can suck as much as $900 from your bank account. While I think most of the models are definitely worth the money, the difference between something being worthy of the cost and being in a price range that most people can afford is oftentimes a gap not easily closed. It’s affordability—combined with its connectivity—is what makes the new lawn-mowing robot from Robomow so exciting.

Weighing just 16 pounds and measuring 20 x 16.5 x 10 inches, the RX12 is the smallest robotic lawnmower made by Robomow. It’s designed for yard sizes of up to 1/20th of an acre and has a mowing width of 7 inches. The built-in lead acid battery pack provides an average runtime of 90 to 120 minutes and requires 16-20 hours to fully recharge. Once the initial set up has been completed, the RX12 will leave its recharging station, mow the intended area(s) of your lawn, and then return to the station automatically in order to recharge itself before its next excursion.

Thanks to the RX12’s built-in Bluetooth connectivity, owners of the cutting-edge robot can still be “hands on” with the mower using the Robomow App (Android and iOS versions available). The app allows the user to control the RX12 from a distance in order to navigate from one mowing zone to another. The app also makes it easy to view and modify all of the RX12’s settings, including lawn size, weekly schedule, and mowing zones.

The Robomow RX12 is expected to be available in March, 2017 at an “introductory” price of $499.