You Say You Want An Evolution?

I spent a good part of my day Tuesday at the Venetian which is home to the high-end audio portion of CES, and often has home theater products from cutting edge crossover companies. Companies like Canada's Simaudio. I've experienced Simaudio's home theater components in the past, and they've been superlative. So, it's with high hope that I anticipate the release of the top of the line Evolution series CP-8 surround pre/pro, to be introduced later this year (the front panel says Moon, but I've been assured it will be an Evolution series component on release).

Major HDMI switching, internal decoding of TrueHD and DTS-HD MA, the CP-8 will have it all, along with that nifty side hatch shown in the open position here. But more than that, Simaudio's Lionel Goodfield promised the CP-8 will have the sonic refinement and high-end pedigree Simaudio is known for and high-end enthusiasts aspire to.

And, Simaudio's room was the home of the best espresso I've had in Las Vegas. That's an all around win!

And yes, if other manufacturers are wondering, excellent espresso is indeed among the quickest and surest routes to the new editor's heart!