You Can’t Touch the New Singlecue AV and Home Automation Controller

Most of us have made hand gestures at the TV at one point or another over the years, and they haven’t always been the nicest of hand signals. eyesight Technologies’s singlecue is an AV remote control and home automation interface that wants you to use hand gestures to control your AV system as well as all sorts of home automation devices in throughout your home. The control unit is a small box (9.24” wide x 1.93” tall x 1.12” deep) that sits on the top of your TV or on a shelf; and the system is designed to be as simple to use as possible. The only connection port on the back is for the AC adapter. singlecue includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0/LE connectivity, along with a built-in IR learner and transmitter. On the front of the unit is a 3.0” LCD screen with a rear-firing internal speaker on the back. The entire user interface (UI) for singlecue is displayed on the LCD screen, which means the device does not require an HDMI connection to the TV and can be used even in audio-only systems.

singlecue is said to have hand gesture tracking accuracy of “up to three pixels” and recognizes quick flicks of the users hand as it’s held up in the air. In the hectic, everything-in-motion environment of the packed ShowStoppers press event, eyeSight’s CEO, Gideon Shmuel, had no problem accurately and consistently operating the singlecue’s user interface.

singlecue is available for pre-order now at $129 with early order shipments beginning in April/May timeframe. After the pre-order phase is over, the singlecue will have an MSRP of $199.