Cauldryn: The World’s Smartest Water Bottle

If you’re like most of the world, that means starting the day off with a steaming cup of Joe. You brew a pot or K-cup or whatever and then pour it into your travel mug and head off to work, hoping that your insulated vessel will keep the precious liquid hot enough for you to get your day started. Or you start with a cold drink in a thermos, likewise hoping it will keep cold throughout the day. But what if your bottle could do more than just contain liquid? What if it could heat it to maintain your desired temperature throughout the day? Or likewise cool it? Or even boil water to purify it for drinking or for use with freeze-dried food packs while camping? Or if it could actually be used to blend up your smoothie or to brew your coffee? I give you…the Cauldryn Fyre!

No joke, the Caudryn literally stopped me in my tracks as I passed the company’s booth at the Sands Expo. A water bottle you control with your voice using Google Home? Madness, I thought! A water bottle that offered smart device app control? Why? And also, how? A water bottle that can keep my coffee at the exact temperature ALL DAY or boil and purify water in the face of any zombie apocalypse?! Tell me more!

The secret of the Cauldryn resides in its modular design concept with a removable base system which the company describes as being similar to Legos. “We just keep asking, what else can we clip on?” Current clip on modules includes a blender attachment ($29.99), a percolator attachment ($14.99) and the heater. (A cooling attachment will be along soon! As well as a “glamping” friendly LED lantern with bug zapper, as well as 360-degree field Bluetooth speaker!) The rechargeable battery pack screws into the bottom providing all the Cauldryn’s power.

The bottle has a 2 cup capacity and they claim it can boil water twice on a single battery charge, or be used up to seven times for water purification. It also has settings for maintaining temperature. The device can also be used for charging another device.

Oh, and with Google Assistant, you can simply use your voice to start a brew cycle or ask the Cauldryn to start boiling the water. Welcome to the future, people! Available now for $149.99.