Wisdom Shows Suitcase Sub

Yup, they're actually calling it the SCS, and yup, that does stand for "suitcase sub." Companies like this are like manna to journalists. The narrow vertical sub hugs the wall and packs in dual 5x7.5-inch drivers, which yield an active cone area of 12 inches, powered by 300 watts. Probable price $4000, shipping in 30 days. We didn't let it distract us from the excellence of Wisdom's Sage Series line source planar speakers, the L100i and C150i, which speak like oracles through a woven screen.

Seung Kim's picture

Wow, probable price of $4000? It will be competing with the infamous JL Audio F113 Subwoofer which can go up to 2500 watts and costs $3700.The only advantage is that it can be portable and takes less space than a typical sub.Would it sell? Only time will tell...