Wireless HD and HDMI 2.0 Switching From DVDO

DVDO showed off its new Air3 WirelessHD adapter ($199), a wireless HDMI solution that sends uncompressed HD video (up to 1080p/60-rez) and 7.1 channel audio over the 60 GHz band. DVDO says that the new unit has a more robust radio its previous version of the Air, which means less possibility for interference. The Air3 also has a much smaller footprint, along with flexible mounting options that let you squeeze the receiver component behind a flat-panel TV mount. The receiver draws power via USB, so you can simply plug it into your TV’s USB port, while the transmitter features an MHL2-capable HDMI input that accepts up to 1080p/60-rez signals from a compatible smartphone or tablet.
Along with the Air3, DVDO demo’d its HDMI 2.0-compatible Quick6 switcher ($399). You read that right: The Quick6 is ready to go for HDMI 2.0. That means it can switch 4K Ultra HD signals with a 60 fps rate when they eventually emerge. How did DVDO swing it? Well, it helps that the company is owned by Silicon Image, the original developer of HDMI and a manufacturer of HDMI chips. Another Quick6 feature is its ability to split audio signals from video, sending audio out via a second HDMI output to a legacy HDMI 1.3 or earlier A/V receiver.