When You See the Fork in the Road Take It!

Toshiba has been keeping itself busy since HD DVD went under. Lots of DVD players and components but I did not hear the “B” word at any time during Toshiba’s 2009 CES press event. But Toshiba is bringing other content to its CE components in a new, and big way in 2009. Toshiba is integrating connectivity into its 2009 lineup by collaborating with Microsoft, Yahoo and other partners. Toshiba’s 2009 lineup will be rife with network-based connectivity, featuring Widget channels for Myspace, Cinemanow, Yahoo and CBS. Many products will be Windows Media Center PC “Extender” devices, and the line will include a standalone “Network Player” box.

Another buzzword was missing during the discussion of all this content aggregating- “high-definition” on the content side wasn’t being touted at all. Not saying it’s not there. I am saying since HD DVD went away high-def sources don’t appear prominently in Toshiba’s marketing, although their newest HDTV displays are ready for all of it, and then some.