What do you look for?

What is the most important thing you look for in a display? The least? Be specific, as in, don’t just say “picture quality.”

Also, what types of products would you like to see more of in our web exclusives? Did you know we're doing web exclusive reviews?

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The most important thing to me is black level. Least would be having a lot of inputs on the TV. Since I use a dvdo hd+ I only need one input on the tv.As far as web reviews just review a wide range of types (dlp, lcd, etc.) and makers. (reviews of sony and mitsubishi tv's that I can see at Best Buy can get old) For the most part though you guys do a good job of this.

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Ok let's see .... Black level,Color accuracy,Contrast level,processing,native full high-def 1920x1080 resolution,ohhh and price:)I would like to see more flat panel reviews like :lcd,plasma(Sed,Oled) and the new gen. hd-dvd and blu-ray stuff (as soon as possible)

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Off topic, maybe, but I'd like to see how many more times Zoltan can click his "Submit Comment" button.

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1080p resolution followed closely be Black level. After that color accuracy that I, as a consumer, can get correct (multiple presets manufacturers!) without having to hire someone. If those 3 are solid, everything else generally falls into place.As for suggestions, while I don't have one for web exclusive reviews, I'd like to see a link for SED news. This seems to be THE newest best new thing out there, but finding info on the web on it is a real pain.

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Seriously now, I'd be curious about numerous features and specs but none more paramount than value. However, I'd start with a display's native resolution and upconversion abilitites. There's an awful lot of very expensive displays with resolutions like 1280 x 720 for instance. How are you supposed to fit HD's 1920 x 1080 into that? A severe loss of quality would be my guess. The least important would be price. Let's face it - you get what you pay for. Buy a cheap TV; get a crappy picture. But if you can buy a TV with 1920 X 1080 resolution that upconverts to 1080p wihtout leaving the low-four-figure range, you've got yourself one heck of a value!

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What others have said is also important to me, and I think Home Theater Mag does a great job at providing those measurements (black level, color acc., etc). I am in the market for a new HDTV and would really like to see information on how TVs deal with other video sources like TV programing and sports....ie which ones do a good job at movies, sports, and normal TV.

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For me it's the whole picture. One thing isn't more important than another. That said black level has to be on top.

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I think that, for flat panels, it's important that (1) the black level is sufficiently low, (2) screen-door effect is minimal, and (3) the video processing/deinterlacing is legit; i.e., "weaving" rather than "bobbing".

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