Westone Intros W-Series In-Ear Headphones

Westone, best-known for custom-molded in-ear monitors worn by touring musicians, is revamping its consumer products line -- starting with the new W-Series in-ear headphones announced today at the CEDIA Expo.

All four new models in the line use balanced armature drivers, the type of driver found in almost all custom-molded in-ear headphones and in a large number of audiophile-oriented in-ears.

The W-Series IEMs come with two of Westone's new EPIC cables: one with an iOS (Apple)-compatible inline mic/remote, and a second plain cable with no remote. All models include a Pelican-style rugged case and an extensive selection of silicone and foam tips, to help ensure a good fit. They also come with sideplates in black, blue and red so you can choose a color that complements your favorite ascot.

Here's the breakdown of the new models:

W10: $199, single balanced armature
W20: $299, double BA (woofer + tweeter)
W30: $399, triple BA (woofer + midrange + tweeter)
W40: $499, quad BA (dual woofer + midrange + tweeter)