Waterfall Audio Creates a Clearly Different Tweeter

Here's something I'm almost 100% positive you've never seen before: a tweeter horn made from glass. Waterfall Audio has been pushing its glass-walled speakers for years; here's a system I reviewed for Sound & Vision a couple of years ago. But the new Victoria Evo takes the concept to a new level.

The glass horn on the Victoria Evo increases the efficiency and controls the dispersion of the 1-inch tweeter. The entire glass horn assembly is mechanically decoupled from the rest of the speaker enclosure so the woofers' vibrations don't affect the tweeter's operation.

The 2.5-way design runs one of its 6.5-inch woofers from 35 to 300 Hz, and the other from 35 Hz to 1.5 kHz. The tweeter handles everything above that. A down-firing passive radiator, tuned to about 40 Hz, reinforces the bass.