Watch Out. Don't Be a Sheeple.

It is a fact that we all exist on the spectrum. That is, the spectrum of individuality. At the top of the spectrum are those rare individuals who are one of a kind, the nonconformists, the rebels. At the bottom of the spectrum are the common and docile ones, the sheeple. Where do you want to be?

Take a look at the photo. That is a wristwatch. It tells the time. Admittedly, these days, anyone who wears a watch gets points for individuality. I'll let you pick your own bar fights over which watch is the most unconventional, but this one is certainly a contender. Take a closer look. That's right. That is no ordinary watch. It is Seiko's metronome watch.

Now, I would make the argument that most musicians are already well-placed on the spectrum of individuality. But at the risk of being slightly nerdy, I think this watch would boost them up even farther. Of course, this watch tells time. But the party trick is the minute hand that can swing back and forth as a visual metronome, along with an optional (soft) metronome beep. Simultaneously, the red hour hand points to the beats-per-minute scale running from 40 (largo) to 304 (prestissimo) bpm. Wait! There's more! The watch can also emit tuning reference pitches of 440, 442 or 443 Hz in A, or pitches in B-flat. There is no seconds hand, if that sort of thing is important to you. However, the minute hand nudges slightly forward every 10 seconds to remind you of your mortality.

Just the facts: Model number SMW006A (pictured); case diameter: 36.5mm; thickness: 9.8mm; lug-to-lug: 39.5mm; lug width: 18mm; movement: Seiko quartz; battery: CR2016; case material: stainless steel; crystal: mineral glass. Ten different case finish/dial color/strap color combos are available with model numbers all starting with SMW. Esoterica: this Seiko watch isn't made by the Seiko that makes watches. Instead, it is from Seiko Instruments, a sister division that is more into electrical components, machine tools, and other non-watch things. For a look at the watch in action, check out this YouTube video

Yes, yes, I know. Your phone has a metronome app. That's very nice. But that's not cool. Capish?

The watch is currently not available in the US (Japan domestic market only); therefore, if you are wearing it in the US, you get bonus points. However, it's easy to find on ebay and with a little searching, you could buy it directly from online Japanese watch stores. Depending on your source, the price is around two hundred bucks.

What you wear on your wrist can move you up, or down, the spectrum of individuality. Choose wisely.

Or, you could get a face tattoo. As noted, choose wisely.

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