Vizio Announces Pricing & Availability for 2022 TVs

Vizio has announced details, pricing, and availability for the 32 models that comprise its 2022 TV lineup. You read that right — 2022. Pandemic-driven setbacks pushed the release of its 2020 TVs to late in the year so those models were carried over into 2021. About a third of the new models are currently available, with the remainder slated to ship in July or August. All but eight of the models are 4K.

Enhanced peak brightness, more precise local dimming, “pixel-level contrast enhancement,” and an expanded color palette covering “up to 85% of Rec. 2020” are among the picture-quality upgrades Vizio is touting for the new lineup, which also introduces an updated SmartCast platform and the brand’s first voice-enabled remote control in V-, M-, and P-Series TVs. Viewers can use the push-to-talk remote to set up the TV and search for content and information across the web.

Except for the entry-level D-Series, all new models support HDMI 2.1, with 4k/120Hz support reserved for the top-line P-Series TVs. New M- and P-Series models also feature Vizio’s new ProGaming Engine, which employs Auto Game Mode, variable refresh rate (VRR), and AMD FreeSync technology to improve gameplay with smoother graphics and reduced input lag. Support for Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG high-dynamic range (HDR) is included in all V- M-, and P-Series models.

Most of the 2022 TVs boast a new thin-bezel industrial design and MQ7 and PQ9 models, with screen sizes above 65 inches include a height-adjustable base that accommodates “seamless docking” with Vizio soundbars.

Vizio’s Quantum Color technology is featured in the top-line P-Series models along with support for active full-array backlighting, with the $2,200 P75Q9-J (due out next month) boasting 210 local dimming zones and rated peak brightness of 1,200 nits. Moving a step down in the series, the $1,400 P65Q9-J, also slated for release in July, provides 144 dimming zones and has a rated peak brightness of 1,200 nits. Pricing and availability were not announced for the series’ top model, the 85-inch P85QZ-J, but Vizio says it will boast 792 dimming zones and rated peak brightness of 3,000 nits.

Quantum Color is also featured in the second-from-top M-Series, with higher priced Q7 models rated to achieve peak brightness between 400 and 700 nits and featuring active full-array backlighting with between 16 and 32 local dimming zones. Q6 prices range from $400 for the 43-inch model to $1,000 for the 75-inch model and all TVs, except for the 70-inch model, are already in stores or slated for release in July. Q7 pricing starts at $750 for the 50-inch model and tops out at $1,400 for the 75-inch model with all models shipping in July.

Moving down the line, pricing for the nine-model V-Series ranges from $340 for the 43-inch model to $929 for the 75-inch model, with pricing for the eight-model D-Series spanning $140 to $220 with standard-HD screen sizes between 24- and 43 inches. Vizio’s step-down V-Gaming Engine is included in V- and D-Series models.

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I have a 65" 2019 M-series Vizio and it's a great TV, particularly for the price I paid. Since then, however, it's been almost impossible to find Vizio TVs outside the US. I'm in Canada and no one (including online retailers) has been stocking Vizio's 2020/2021 models.

Any word on whether the 2022 models will be widely available?