Ultra HD Is a Stretch at Toshiba

Toshiba may not jumping head first into the curved screen craze sweeping across the TV industry but it is demonstrating another way to deliver an “immersive” TV experience at 2014 CES: Stretch the standard 16:9 screen to an extra-wide 21:9—or 2.35:1—so it perfectly matches the aspect ratio used for most of today’s blockbuster movies.

No black bars, no wasted screen space, and no need for those who don’t have the space or inclination to spring for a two-piece projection setup. As the sign next to the screen says: with this 5120 x 2160 TV you can “watch movies the way they were meant to be.”

Details are scant on what the company is calling 5K Extra Wide Ultra HD so we’ll have to wait and see if Toshiba decides to actually bring a super-wide TV to market and at what price.