Totem Acoustic Kin Subwoofer: Tiny, Powerful, Affordable

One of the biggest surprises (and delights) of the CEDIA Expo for me was Totem Acoustic's new Kin Subwoofer. Totem's known for great-sounding speakers, but not so much for bargain prices or decor-friendly design. The Kin Subwoofer, though, is quite affordable at $699 -- and according to my brief listen, quite powerful for its tiny size.

As you can see in my "action" photo here, the little 8-inch carbon fiber woofer cone has pretty amazing excursion -- i.e., it can move a long ways back and forth, so it can displace a lot of air, so it should play lower and louder than most compact 8-inch subs. It's driven by a 150-watt Class D amp and has line-level and speaker-level inputs and outputs, so it can connect to pretty much any audio system. Rated response is down to 29 Hz. It's available in black or white.