Toshiba's HD DVD Goes Where No Manufacturer Has Gone Before

Toshiba's execs literally beamed in from the 23rd century to inform us of its new LCD flat panels and HD DVD players, the latter of which have already been announced. But speaking directly to the Trekkie nerd inside me.

Above is a picture of Toshiba's Jodi Sally announcing Toshiba's promotion with Paramount on the release of season one of the original Star Trek series. People who purchase a Toshiba player with the Trek set will get the phaser (2) style remote control that Jodi's holding. That's right. That thing is a full functional remote control. I tried to steal it but Jodi never set it down when I was lurking. I guess I'm going to have to get a second HD DVD player and buy that damned Trek set at retail.

Speaking of promos, Toshiba is putting its best interactivity foot forward this fall by bundling Warner's 300 and Universal's Bourne Identity in box with its players. In addition players purchased from Toshiba and other manufacturers (RCA and Onkyo come to mind) by February of '08 will also be eligible for five free movies, with a wider selection of titles. I asked Sally if the movie promos would be carried over with the low-priced Chinese manufactuered players like the Venture player recently announced and she said discussions are under way.

Let's face it- the $299 Toshiba and seven free movies is worth a lot more than a $199 player with no movies. We'll see what happens there. And by the way, there's no way you're getting pics from me of black box HD DVD players when Jodi is looking hot in her Trek gear!