Toshiba Cell

A demo of Toshiba's new top-of-the-line Cell LCD HDTV, with its 500+ zones of full backlit LED local dimming side-by-side with last year's LED local dimming set with far fewer LED zones, was exceptionally effective, even if too much was made of the new set's increased brightness (and too much of it used for the darkened demo room) . Toshiba claims a peak of 1000 cd/sq meter -- that's close to 300 foot-lamberts, nearly 10 times what I'd recommend for a good picture in a darkened room. Hopefully a movie or cinema mode will produce a more sensible brightness level.

The demo was also designed to show off the new set's improved internal sound, and even to these high-end audio jaded ears it did sound mucn better than I usually hear from a flat panel design.