Torque: Turn it Up and Turn it Into a Whole New Headphone

Torque, which released the innovative t103z (in-ear headphones with interchangeable sound filtering valves) last year is back at CES this year with a prototype of its next offering, the t402v.

Unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, the t402v are modular over- and on ear- headphones that also have adjustable dynamic filters that enable the listener to customize how their headphones sound and fit on the fly. Go ahead and process that last sentence, as it didn’t make sense to me at first either. Essentially, Torque has created earcups that are attached to the headband of the headphone via magnets, so you can choose to have on- or over-ear options in place depending on your mood. Then, in the earcups themselves, the filtering takes place. Rotating the earcup turns and changes the filter. So you can choose a low pass, high pass, or flat sound.

Add to the design an in-line remote and mic, and you have quite the all-purpose cans. All this may sound like a gimmick, except the prototypes sounded really darn good. While there are still some kinks left to iron out before production, Torque thinks we’ll see the t204v later this year. I know I am really looking forward to hearing how they turn out.