Together but Separate

Most folks envision stadium-style seating for their home theaters, but that take-me-out-to-the-ball-game approach isn’t the only way to go. For a more flexible, family-style setup, think sectionals. These aren’t the stodgy, hulking pieces of upholstered furniture of the past. Today’s versions offer unique configurations that combine love seats, sofas, chairs, chaises, and ottomans (great as additional seating or as a table for food/drink) and can work together or separately for multiple options. One more thing: Don’t forget to take the tush test when you shop for any kind of seating. Comfort is the key if you’re going to enjoy your screening experience.

Rowe’s new RXO (Rowe Extra Options) program lets you build your own sectional—salad-bar style—at price points that won’t break the bank. Choose seat combos, add a chaise or love seat, and pick a fabric to construct a one-of-a-kind look. Prices start at $1,300 and go up to $6,000. Shown here is the Varick ($2,500).

Salamander Designs has just introduced the versatile, modular Olivia home theater seating collection. It works perfectly in a dedicated cinema space as well as in a media, family, or great room. Pieces can be set up multiple ways using a corner connector or chaise lounge, for example, to create L-shaped seating. And rest assured, those connector arms can be ordered with cupholders. Seats come in non-recliner or recliner versions. $9,895 as shown.

La-Z-Boy’s Kiera features clean lines and simple details, so it blends easily into any room. Consisting of two joinable pieces and an ottoman, the Kiera collection provides versatility and functionality. Each piece is finished all the way around with a corner that doubles as a left and/or right arm piece, along with an armless piece that can also be used as an accent chair. Prices start at $1,439 for a three-piece sectional; the ottoman is priced at $319. The Eden is an interactive sofa set that transforms anytime from a sofa/chaise piece and matching occasional chair into a classic sofa and single chaise with the simple change of a seat cushion. Prices start at $1,069 for the sofa, $629 for the ottoman.

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I have always felt this way. I know people who have theaters in their basements ... they rarely go in there... usually only when a new Blue-ray that they like comes out.
My wife and I love having our Large Screen in the Living Room where we can use it every day! We can sit in our favorite seats in the Main area of our home instead of trudging to a room on the other side of the house away from our main area.
We have 7.2 surround and a TV above our TV that is good for using for our computer (while not missing our tv shows) or for a family slide-show when having family reunions or friends visiting.
We actually had around 50 family members here for a family reunion and we all hung out with EVERYONE wearing 3D glasses looking at family photos we had just taken in 3D. was awesome and the greatest thing, we were using the main areas of the house. Where we live !
We have Couches, chairs and a love seat, also the tv is viewable from the dining room and kitchen.
No theater OR theater seating for me, I want the comforts of home.

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I know you said you "know people", and that's fine, but be careful not to generalize based on the people you know. I use my home theater almost every day, while the "little" 61" screen in the family room goes mostly unused.

the big picture (9 ft wide) and the contained sound downstairs are just too good to not use. and you can still have loveseats in a home theater. people that I know that have real home theaters use them quite often.


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I used to believe sectionals were the only way to go, especially for large families. We had a massive sectional in our home theater with a giant bean bag. First we found the the kids and their friends actually preferred the bean bag over the sectional. I didn't mind the sectional but I didn't really know better because I hadn't tried actual home theater seats. I swore by the sectional for many years until I found a screaming deal on Home Theater seats and took the plunge. I am sorry there is just no comparison in my book for watching movies or playing games while in HT seats. The drink holders, the way it engulfs your whole body just draws you in to the home theater experience. The sectional was nice, but not for the "movie theater" experience. If it is a multi purpose room or space is limited, then go for the sectional, but if you have a dedicated room my vote is for the HT seats.

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What I don't understand about HT seats is that they are leather or vinyl, which reflects sound from the front, and have high backs, which blocks sound from the rear. These attributes make room correction at the listening position very difficult.