THX Ships Ultra High Speed-Certified Cables

THX continues to expand its footprint beyond the certification programs that made it famous in the AV world with THX-branded high-speed HDMI cables.

Rated to deliver uncompressed signals at resolutions up to 10K and speeds as high as 48Gbps, the new THX Interconnect HDMI 2.1b cables meet the HDMI Forum's Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable Certification standards and have been "validated to meet the highest THX standards," which include testing for hot-plugging, power sequencing, and time-lapsed pixel errors. 

As the name suggests, the cables are designed to accommodate HDMI 2.1b functionality, which includes support for Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC), dynamic HDR (High Dynamic Range), and a number of gaming-centric features.

Developed in partnership with Canada's Pixelgen Design, the new ultra-thin and flexible THX Interconnect HDMI 2.1b cables are available in a variety of lengths ranging from 0.5m (1.64 ft) up to 15m (49.2 ft). Cables longer than 25 feet are made with a hybrid fiber/copper material called PXLGLASS, which is said to add strengthen and flexibility.

“Cables are essential for fidelity,” said Jack MacDougall, chief executive officer of Pixelgen Design Inc. "When it comes to home theaters, a last thought might be the cable connections, but the reality is that until you have robust, reliable, highly compatible and flexible cable connection you won’t get the best fidelity out of your equipment, no matter how high end it is."

Prices range from $39 to $399. For more information, visit

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