The Third Dimension

3D was a big story at CES. Or at least with several manufacturers, apparently looking for the Next Big Thing. Most of the demos were dismal. The best was from Panasonic. It used shuttered glasses and claimed full HD resolution. More on Panasonic's 3D initiative near the bottom of this blog file (it was posted on the first day). Even Panasonic's however, conducted on their big 103" plasma, suffered from motion lag, uncharacteristic of that form of display, on some of the clips. Much of the material, however, looked stunning.

John Lipka/VP Sales/Action 3D's picture

I am so sorry to hear your 3D experience was dismal...but then you never came to see our systems at the CES...we were looking for you!Please consider coming to a demonstration, and perhaps, doing an article on circular polarized projection 3D. Shuttered glasses are old school.We will be in Cochella, at the Riviera VIP area on Saturday, April 18th, and also at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on Monday and Tuesday, April 20 and 21.Please contact me by telephone to arrange an appt.(408) 309-9066John LipkaVP SalesAction 3D