Theory of REL-ativity Page 2


In the Lab

Frequency response (at 2 meters) subwoofer 36 Hz to 102 Hz ±2.1 dB

Bass limits (lowest frequency and maximum SPL with limit of 10% distortion at 2 meters in a large room) 25 Hz at 70 dB SPL 94 dB average SPL from 25 to 62 Hz 105 dB maximum SPL at 62 Hz Bandwidth uniformity 90%

The REL T1 subwoofer's bass limits were measured with it driven by the low level input, set to maximum bandwidth, and placed in the optimal corner of a 7,500-cubic-foot room. In a smaller room users can expect 2 to 3 Hz deeper extension and up to 3 dB higher sound-pressure level (SPL.) Although the crossover dial is marked from 30 to 120 Hz the true turnover frequencies only run from 58 to 102 Hz and there's up to a 14 dB of level/crossover interaction. For example, with the crossover set to 30 Hz, the sub's true turnover frequency is 58 Hz and there's a 14 dB reduction in output level. When the crossover control is moved up to noon (middle of dial) the true turnover frequency is also 58 Hz but there's only a 7 dB cut in level. The T1 produces blats and groans when overdriven at frequencies below 50 Hz, and its SPL capability falls by 21 dB per octave below 62 Hz.