Test Report: Epson Pro Cinema 9700UB LCD Projector Page 4

With its THX mode selected, the Epson LCD projector displayed a fairly even grayscale that tracked slightly warm off the neutral gray D6500 standard. After calibration, the calibrated points (20 and 90 IRE) measured mostly accurate, but mid-tones were somewhat warmer. Before calibration, the projector averaged within 252 K of the standard. After calibration, it measured on average within 77 K. Red and blue color primaries were within the measurement error range of the Photo Research PR-650 spectroradiometer that I used. The green primary was slightly oversaturated, approximately 5% off the standard. Overscan was 0% in the Normal aspect ratio setting. Although the projector resolved a 1,920 x 1,080-rez 1-pixel on/off pattern, contrast was reduced between pixels (grayed out), potentially limiting apparent resolution (see main review).

Contrast ratio with lamp power set at Normal and the iris set to Off was 4,720:1. This was the result of a light output of 14.16 ftL and a black level of 0.003 ftL. Changing the power setting to Eco mode changed those results to 11.28 ftL and 0.002 ftL, respectively, for a contrast ratio of 4,830:1. With the iris set to Normal or High Speed, the contrast ratio was 24,270:1 in Normal mode and 19,290:1 in ECO. In Cinema Day mode, the contrast ratio after calibration with the iris set to Off was 960:1 (27.83/0.029 ftL). With the iris set to Normal, contrast ratio was 1,391:1 (27.82/0.020 ftL) and 1,739:1 (27.82/0.016 ftL) in High Speed.