S&V Entertainment Awards

Readers are often surprised by what our Top 10 lists include and exclude. That's a given for any Top 10 list. But this year, we should explain why a certain album doesn't get one of our annual S&V Entertainment Awards - and why a certain movie gets a second one. The album is Led Zeppelin's How the West Was Won, definitely one of the best live packages of all time. But it's still a package of 30-year-old live recordings, whereas our music awards are meant to honor new studio CDs by current artists. Meanwhile, the movie getting a repeat showing is Casablanca, whose first DVD edition landed at No. 1 in our 1999 poll. But since then, transfer technology and expertise have improved substantially - plus you now get an entire disc of fresh extras. So another award is merited. But we promise not to give a third if, next year, Warner releases a "We'll Always Have Paris" Edition with a collectible Eiffel Tower. PDF: The Best of 2003 on DVD & CD