Metra Extends the Reach of HDMI

If Ethernet conversion isn’t your thing, nor are fiber optics (another work-around on the traditional weaknesses of HDMI over long lengths), a few companies are now offering either passive or a combination of passive/active HDMI cables that can extend far enough for the needs of most consumers.

For example, the Velox line of passive premium and active HDMI cables from the Metra Home Theater Group. The Velox passive is said to offer the highest bandwidth of any passive cable currently available and comes in a variety of lengths up to 8 meters for sources of up to 18Gbps.

The Velox Ultra High Speed Active HDMI cables, available in 6 lengths from 10-30 meters, are also specified to carry up to 18Gbps. If you need longer, Metra has fiber optic solutions up to 100 meters in length.