Sunfire Theater Grand Processor-5 Preamp/Processor: First Look

  • Price: $3,495
  • Output channels: 7.1-channels, single-ended and balanced
  • Decoding: DD, DD EX, ProLogic IIx, DTS, DTS-ES Discrete/Matrix/Neo:6
  • Ins and outs: Six coax and four toslink digital audio, two HDMI, three component, one MM phono input, RS-232, 12V triggers, Ethernet
  • Highlights: HDMI and component switching with transcoding of composite and S-Video to component video, 24/96 A-D and 24/192 D-A conversion, Sonic Holography DSP for enhanced surround sound, backlit programmable remote with LCD screen

Life is indeed grand with Sunfire's latest Theater Grand pre/pro. This family of controllers has enjoyed a reputation for competing with the highest performance pre/pros for a fraction of the scratch. This latest version is loaded with in and outs, including balanced outputs and HDMI switching. For good measure there's a little Sonic Holography and a backlit programmable remote. The TGP-5 is in the UAV house right now, so look for a UAV review to follow, and it's also in stores now.