SunBriteTV's TVs Get Brighter, Cheaper

SunBriteTV is bringing out a new series of weatherproof televisions called Veranda. The new TVs will be available in three screen sizes (43, 55, and 65 inches), and each model incorporates a direct-lit 4K UHD screen plus built-in down-firing speakers.

The models in SunBriteTV’s Veranda series are designed to be used in outdoor settings with full shade, such as covered patios and decks. Although the weatherproof capabilities remain the same, the panels used in the Veranda series are not as bright as those in the more expensive models. SunBriteTV’s research has found that there are a significant number of homeowners who choose to use a standard, indoor TV in covered outdoor locations, mainly for reasons of price. This, however, isn’t an ideal situation either for the TV or the homeowners since weather conditions (including moisture from humidity and temperature extremes) will inevitably ruin the TV. The degradation of the TV and its connections can also potentially be a source of dangerous electrical shocks.

SunBriteTV says the new Veranda lineup starts at $1,499 and is priced to compete with indoor TVs for use in fully shaded locations, while providing “Rust-proof powder-coated aluminum exteriors, large media bays and installer-friendly cable-entry systems while still retaining the SunBriteTV weatherproof standard, fully resisting rain, moisture, dust, grease and insects.” Veranda, for example, “offers an operating temperature range of -24 to 104F, and storage temperature range from -24 to 140F.”

SunBriteTV says the Veranda series outdoor televisions should be available within the next 60 days.