Stream Movies with DLNA Premium Video Certification

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) announced a new certification that allows streaming of Premium Video from one device to another. DLNA certifications ensure that one device can stream content to another device--a computer or network attached storage (NAS) drive to your TV. Until now, DLNA certifications were used for personal content--movies, music, and photos--stored in media libraries in your home network.

This is a revolutionary advance because manufacturers have been searching for a way to make movie and TV studios comfortable with sharing premium content in a way that cannot be pirated. Premium Video certified products will communicate digital rights management information for each movie or TV show and allow the streaming to take place but will not allow recording. In fact, devices that can record--NAS drives, computers--will probably not be Premium Video certified.

DLNA certifications include the Media Server certification for devices that store your media libraries, Media Player certifications for devices that play your media (network media players and TVs), and Media Renderer certifications for devices that can find the media on a server and send it to a player.

The Premium Video certification makes it possible for cable and satellite providers to stream content directly to mobile phones and tablets or other receivers in your home. It also opens the door for other streaming uses in the future.