Stop Chronic Ear(bud) Aches

It's an age old problem. You have a pair of ears. You have a pair of earbuds. Unfortunately, they aren't the same size - and even when the size is about right, the flippin' earbuds are darn uncomfortable to wear for anything longer than a few minutes. You could pay big bucks to have special custom-fit earbud covers made for you personally. Or you could spend $20 (plus shipping) for a set of yurbuds from yurtopia. The company makes 12 sizes of earbud adapters out of surgical silicone. The yurbuds slip over your existing earbuds and channel the sound directly to your ear canal. They're soft and flexible, so they're quite comfortable.

But how do you know which size to order? You take a picture of one of your ears (next to a quarter, for reference purposes) and send it to yurtopia via their web site ( They then use sophisticated algorythms to determine the best fitting size yurbud to send to you.

Yurbuds fit most standard earbuds and will work with most Blue Tooth headsets, as well. A brand new iPhone app lets you take a picture of your ear and send it to yurtopia in one click.

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