Stand Up, It's the Canadian National Anthem, Eh?

I got a chance to see the Statement D2 pre/pro from Anthem up close. I like the 4 HDMI inputs but I'm already starting to think 5 or even 6 would be appropriate for the next gen. Marketing manager Mark Aling told me their new room equalization software is now available and will be integrated into the D2. It adds a couple of hundred to the price, bringing it up to just under $7K. Unusual is Anthems recognition that every EQ mic shipped with a pre/pro or receiver is inherently different from each other mic, so they actually cut a CD for each microphone / serial# combination and their software recognizes where compensation is needed to overcome the sample to sample variation between microphones. I doubt you'll ever see that level of detail from a mass-market receiver manufacturer, but in a "statement" product like the D2, it really sets Anthem apart from the pack. If you already own a D1 or D2, you can get the upgrade by contacting your dealer.

I went into their demo room where Anthem electronics and a trio of Paradigm on-wall W5 went across the front of the screen. Video was provided by a JVC RS1 and a Panamorphic lens system to show 2.35:1 video and take advantage of all the pixels of the JVC projector. The 100", curvi-linear Stewart Firehawk screen. A DVD of Andrea Bocelli and Neil Diamon in Las Vegas, equalized with their new software, sounded great!