Soundwall Makes Speakers You Can Paint On

Soundwall calls its flat-panel, on-wall, wireless, stereo speaker system a “connected canvas” because it’s both a connected speaker capable of streaming audio from internet music services or from your mobile device and it’s a picture in a frame. I’ve been listening to a very early version of a Soundwall speaker for a while. It’s a really cool product with lots of applications, although the one I have is not without its share of glitches. The Soundwall folks tell me that they’ve completely redesigned the product, improving the built-in DAC and wireless circuitry along with adding hidden tweeters on the top of the frame itself.

To demonstrate the versatility of the “connected canvas” concept, Soundwall encouraged attendees to draw on a working Soundwall speaker that had a blank white canvas. Despite the doodles and graffiti, the performance of the Soundwall speaker was virtually unchanged. (Or at least it was impossible to notice a change in the circus-like environment of CES.)

Soundwall speakers can be ordered with stock art prints from Soundwall, or they can be ordered with custom artwork of your choosing. Blank canvases can be directly painted on for those who’d like to commission their own art.

Soundwall speakers are available in various sizes, including 24” x 36”, 24” x 48”, and 36” x 36”. The updated Soundwall speakers are available now with prices starting at $949 for a complete Soundwall stereo speaker system with frame and basic printed image.