The Sound of Blu

The world of Blu-ray just keeps getting bigger and better. This time around, Samsung has introduced the first Blu-ray-equipped soundbar, the HT-BD8200. Designed to coordinate with the Touch of Color series of flat panels, Samsung’s innovative soundbar features a sleek design to complement its virtual surround sound technology. But what sets this one apart is its integrated Blu-ray player.

The HT-BD8200 comes complete with a fully integrated Blu-ray player and wireless subwoofer. It provides Full HD 1080p playback and virtual 5.1-channel surround sound. The HT-BD8200 also features Smart Volume technology, which adjusts the volume level for the best listening experience without remote adjustments. As with most soundbars, the size is an impressive selling point in itself; it measures in at a mere 2.6 inches in depth. Pricing for the HT-BD8200 has not been announced yet.