Sony's Got You Covered

As with all of the major set manufacturers, Sony introduced more new sets than any blog can cover. Models in the new LX and HX ranges will be fully 3D capable, using active shutter glasses (most manufacturers plan to use shutter glasses rather than the cheaper but less effective (according to some) polarized glasses). There are models with LED backlighting (edge-lit and backlit local dimming) and others with conventional CCFL lighting.

The BRAVIA XBR-60LX900 will be available in 60-, 52-,46-, and 40-inch sizes. It is an edge-lit LED design with full 3D capability. The 3D BRAVIA XBR-52HX900 at 52- and 46-inches, has full array LED backlighting with Intelligent Dynamic local dimming.

There will also be three new Blu-ray players from Sony, including the 3D-capable BDP-S7700. It offers built-in Wi-Fi wireless (802.11), an Entertainment Database Browser, and remote control via either its own remote or an iPod phone or iPod Touch (with a free application).

All of The mentioned products will ship by summer (other new sets will arrived in the spring). Prices TBD.