Sony Goes Dark With Latest Sub-$5K SXRD Front Projector

Sony did show the successor to the wildy popular Pearl projector, the VPL-VW60 (now, sub-$5K), which as you can see is a classy charcoal gray. Sony is claiming further improvements in its SXRD chips have yielded significant contrast ration gains, the the image overall is brighter, and the blacks are still fantastic with the latest version of its auto iris technology.

The Pearl was cuffed about the head and shoulders on the Net for a slightly soft image and uniformity issues (neither of which affected the review sampole we saw at UAV). To combat the former Sony has including a panel alignment adjustment that operates within 0.1 pixel increments for tweazing the image. The VPL-VW60 will also be compatible with an anamorphic lens add-on that works with processing to allow a 2.35:1 movie to be shown on a screen masked off to that ratio.

Bottom line is this is that feature for feature, this is still a projector to reckon with at the sub-$5k price point.