Sonus Faber Toys with Your Affections

Sonus Faber calls this leather-clad mini-monitor the Toy. It includes a ring radiator tweeter and 5.25-inch paper cone woofer for $1495.

Csaba Both's picture

Great monitors. I've partnered them with my CAD SLI-80 Signature tube amp. They sound great. Also, they delivered a floor shaking performance with my friend's ultra dynamic Octave V70 tube amp. And wait for it's floorstander version!

Kendall Hendricks's picture

Wow... this is really GOOD news... Many SF enthusiasts know that SF always appealed to more well-heeled audiophiles. That was especially true when the Home series was replaced by the Domus series. Many people felt they would never be able to own a pair of SF except maybe used through the internet... I have a complete 7.1 Home system (Grand Pianos, Concertos, and Concertinos... okay my sub is a Martin-logan... and when people discover what they have to spend to get that kind of sweet sound they shyed away... The Toy series will bring many more people into the seductive and fanatical audiophile base the SF has. I just started my hi-fi company so looks like I need to give Sumiko a call... I will sell these babies all day long...

Francisco Torrubia's picture

My wife and I bought two pairs of Toy bookshelves and the matching Center channel to act both as Home Theatre and multichannel classical SACD listening devices. The muscle comes from DENON and the sources are both (SACD an BD player) from SONY. Grouped with a B&W subwwofer, the results are in every way as satisfactory as described in Mr Fremer´s review. The sound is silky yet detailed and, though it may lack the kind of airy presentation that you can get from (much) more expensive speakers, I would say that, at this price, they are worth listening before deciding on buying a new set of speakers for a medium sized room. You will not be disappointed.

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