Sonance Trims Amp Fat; Goes Digital

Sonance showed a massive redo of its amplifier line-up, reducing offerings from 29 amp models down to lean-and-mean five! At the same time, the company made significant improvements throughout the line, making significant feature upgrades and going from a traditional inefficient, heat producing, analog design to new digital models.

The five new amp models – ranging from 2 to 8-channels – all feature high-resolution 24/96 DSP and Cirrus Logic DACs and are 93% efficient, producing more power and less heat. This means they can be stacked right on top of one another in a rack, conserving valuable real estate.

Like previous Sonance workhorses, they amps are also 2 ohm stable, meaning they can easily drive difficult loads or multiple speaker pairs. The ampls can be triggered by audio, voltage, IR or IP making them a perfect fit for a variety of installs. The company also added a new switching power supply for both US and International markets, allowing them to streamline offerings.

Additionally, all new models are IP controllable and come pre-loaded with DSP to optimize performance for use with Sonance speakers in a variety of listening environments. There are several hundred additional DSP presets that can be downloaded from or the Web GUI can be used to customize the SonARC – Advanced Room Correction - software to tweak the built-in 10-band parametric EQ for total customization.

Also new to Sonance’s line-up is the DSP 2-750, a massive 70-volt amplifier that will drive the company’s SLS Landscape Speaker series. This can also push 375-watts into 8-ohms or a massive 750-watts into 4-ohms.