Snugs Brings 3D Scanning to Custom Earphones

With Snugs custom eartips, why settle for one-size-fits-all earphones when you can easily go custom? Snugs is a UK-based company that is using 3D scanning devices to take an exact scan of your ear. Two-weeks later, earphones crafted from medical-grade silicone in your choice of colors arrive in your mailbox. People were lining up at CES to get their ears scanned and their custom earphones on their way.

Currently available in the UK, Snugs has kiosks in London or will even send a representative to an office or home to take scans of consumers ears. They hope to expand to the US, with locations in malls or major retailers. For now, folks in the US can go to an audiologist to create a standard physical mold of the ears and then the nice people at Snugs will create the earphone from the mold.

Users can buy a Snugs gift card for either just the eartips or complete earphones. The custom eartips should fit a wide variety of earphones. Snugs sells a variety of earphones that are compatible. The most intriguing might be the Snugs Flight series that contain an air-pressure balancing filter that makes flying more comfortable - at least for your ears. Snugs eartips are available in an array of custom colors including a few sparkling glitter options for a truly personalized experience. Snugs are available now for about $215 US.