Skybuds Wireless Earbuds Keep Your Phone Running Longer

Skybuds look like ordinary wireless earbuds, but they have so much more going for them. They are bundled with a storage case that also fits an iPhone 6 that also charges your phone and the Skybuds simultaneously. Just announced today: the Skydock, a new generic charging solution for non-iPhone users.

Skybuds are from a new company, Alpha Audio. They were designed to offer great sound quality, but it's their array of features that makes them so notable. The Skybuds feature Bluetooth 4.0 but also have an Aux input for a wired connection with either 3.5mm or micro-UBS connection. They use NFMI to talk from one earpiece to another.

They're sweat-proof and water resistant. They automatically power on and off and offer 3-4 hours of playback on a single charge. While that doesn't sound like much, they store inside a smartphone case that charges them up whenever they're not being used, so whenever you store them, they’re charging back up. That storage case also charges your phone, and the Skybuds app lets you check the battery status of both the Skybuds and the phone case charger. The charging case houses a 1300 mAh battery that can charge the Skybuds for 26 charge cycles or 70% extra battery time for an iPhone 6. The app also features a "Find My Skybuds" tracking feature to locate misplaced Skybuds.

The Skybuds will be available in Black, Gold or Silver. The Skybuds will be available mid-May, 2016 for $279 and the Skydock will be available for $250 later in 2016.