Sim2 Slides Into New 1080p Projector

Sim2 has a new projector, the C3X1080 – a three chip DLP with an anamorphic lens sled system available as an option. With 10,000:1 contrast at 2,000 lumens, the projector can handle a big screen and it did – we were treated to, what else, Pirates II or whatever it's called, on a 10 foot wide 2.35:1 ratio Stewart Firehawk screen. The picture was definitely bright enough in the dark room, especially considering they only use a 250 watt UHP bulb (lower power setting of 200 watts is also available).

The projector accepts 1080/24p, but only doubles it to 48Hz for display, but I can't say I saw anything amiss. Well, except for the greens which looked a bit unrealistic. Perhaps a movie set on a lush Caribbean island was not the best choice. The price for the projector is $30,000. To add the anamorphic lens on a sled option, you need another $12,000.

Oh, and just so we're clear on why Ultimate AV should be your first and probably only choice when it comes to knowledgeable reviews, one of the dopes at the other rags asked how many segments there were in the color wheel!