Shooting in HD (Part 2)

In the March issue I did a Hook Me Up on how to shoot in HD. I mentioned there would be web content with links to HD resources and such. You can find that very web content here. Don’t bother reading it if you haven’t read the first part, ah, first.

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Your March mag article promised the website would have more info on "how well the Sony HDR-HC1 works .... some stunning downloadable HD footage". Maybe they're buried somewhere in the website, but I can find neither.

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Man you people are demanding. For the time being check out the links for lots of HD footage. I

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I am waiting paitently for the HD footage. What did you think of the video quality of the Sony? I just bought a 60" SXRD and my Panasonic DV camcorder footage looks very pathetic on it. I have a 14 month old and do not want to look back at DV video and regret not getting the Sony HD camcorder.

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I'll put it up by the end of the day Monday. Here's the thing. Because of the level of compression needed for you to be able to download it, it's not the best judge of the HD quality of the camera. It's more of an editing demo. It is a marked improvement over regular video cameras, though.